Great News For Dutchess County Residents!

 Now you can dispose of your
Unused or Expired Medications Properly!

     Dutchess County residents have the opportunity to discard their unused and/or expired medications at the Resource Recovery Agency Facility in Poughkeepsie.  Unused or expired prescription and over-the-counter medications can end up in the hands of children or leach into our drinking water if discarded improperly.   Bring any prescription or over-the-counter pills, ointments, lotions and liquids for disposal.   Liquid medications should be in their original packaging and inside sealable plastic bags.  Pet medications are welcome as well. Special staffing will be present to mark out any personal identification from all medicine containers.  The entire container along with its medicine will be placed into a sealed waste receptacle.  Law enforcement will be on site to control the collection of these medications as well as to witness the best means of permanent disposal of medications at the Energy-From-Waste Facility in Poughkeepsie.  There is no charge for this service but registration for a time slot is required.  Please call 845-463-6020 and register for the MEDS DISPOSAL COLLECTION DAY EVENT.  Check the Collection Days Calendar for the date of your choice.

Help Protect your Family & The Environment
Use Proper Disposal

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    Dutchess County Resource Recovery Agency is a public benefit corporation created by the New York State Legislature for the purpose of providing solid waste management services for Dutchess County.

     Good management of our solid waste (garbage & recyclables) affects every person in our County.  DCRRA oversees a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) for our recyclables and a Waste-to-Energy Power Plant for our garbage.  The Agency sponsors annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days for toxic and electronic waste. 

     We consult, educate and advise Dutchess residents and businesses on the best, most cost effective strategies to keep our homes and beautiful County clean and pristine.


For more information, call the Dutchess County Resource Recovery Agency at (845) 463-6020 or email us: